The Ultimate CX Notes Templates Bundle from DCX - Vol.1 - For

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Introducing the Ultimate CX Notes Templates Bundle -Vol. 1 for Users: Elevate Your Customer Experience Game Today!

What you'll get:

✅ 16 easy-to-use templates crafted from 20+ years of CX expertise

✅ Templates for journey mapping, project management and tracking, design thinking workshops, employee training, and more

✅ Compatibility with any notes app, making organization a breeze

✅ Customizable templates to fit your unique needs

I created these templates to simplify my own work and soon realized that they could be incredibly beneficial for others in the same position.

Try them out, and let me know what you think!

With the Ultimate CX Notes Templates Bundle, you'll gain access to an incredible suite of tools designed to propel your CX projects to new heights.'s intuitive and easy-to-use interface ensures you can effortlessly customize and adapt these templates to suit your organization's unique needs.

Don't miss this opportunity to transform your customer experience strategies and deliver exceptional results for your business. Grab the Ultimate CX Notes Templates Bundle - Vol. 1 for users today and experience the difference it can make in your CX journey!

OR get the PDF version! Works with ANY Notes App!


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Volume 1

CX Strategy

CX Strategy Meeting - [Date]

Track CX strategy progress, actions and opportunities

[Product/Service] Customer Journey Map

From awareness to Advocacy, document customer touchpoints, pain points and opportunities for improvement.

Customer Persona - Tech-Savvy Tina

Document a customer persona - demographics, goals & motivations, pain points, and more.

Design Thinking Workshop for [CX Initiative]

Effectively plan, facilitate, and follow up on a design thinking workshop focused on a specific customer experience initiative.

CX Initiative Prioritization Matrix

Evaluate and rank potential customer experience (CX) initiatives to determine which projects should be given priority for implementation.

[Year] Customer Experience Strategy Roadmap

Build a complete CX strategy roadmap

CX Project Management

[Project Name] - CX Project

Track single CX Initiative - scope and deliverables, stakeholders, timelines, Success metrics, and more.

[Project Name] - Task List

Track CX project specific tasks

[Project Name] - Weekly Project Tracking (Week of Date)

Weekly CX Project tracking - objectives, tasks, progress and more.

CX Metrics Dashboard - [Month/Year]

Track current, changes and benchmark KPIs

CX Project Feedback Form

CX Project retrospective

Weekly CX Projects Tracking by Team Member (Week of DATE)

Effectively monitor and manage the progress of multiple customer experience projects across their team.

Customer Feedback & Training

Customer Complaint Resolution - [Issue/Complaint]

Document a customer complaint.

Customer Feedback Analysis

Document and analyze customer feedback - Key insights, Feedback highlights and follow-up actions.

[Month/Quarter/Year] Customer Satisfaction Survey Analysis

Review and summarize customer satisfaction surveys.

CX Training and Development Plan

Plan, implement, and evaluate employee training initiatives to improve customer experience skills and competencies.

Subscribe to the DCX Newsletter to get weekly insights and perspectives on digital customer experience -

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The Ultimate CX Template Bundle Vol.1 for

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The Ultimate CX Notes Templates Bundle from DCX - Vol.1 - For

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